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Shakespeare & Hip Hop  |   The Q Brothers (pictured above)

Intimacy Workshop  |   Tonia Sina

Movement | Niahm Dowling 

Shakespeare  | Leslie Riedel 

Movement | Live Action Set 

    Puppetry  | Center for Puppetry Arts Atlanta, GA


Basic Tumbling




, Mezzo-Soprano (E3-A5), Reads music, Basic piano, Basic dance (Tap, Jazz, Irish, Partner) 


Combat: Fisticuffs, Rapier. 

Basic French; Dialects (IPA) British RP, Northern Irish, French


Regional: NC (non-rhotic), Virginian,Texan, New York. 


Teaching Artist: Basic Acting at University of Iowa, Aurora Theatre, Serenbe Playhouse.

Watersport Instructor/Camp Counselor for Camp Merrimac in Black Mountain, NC.